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What`s different draw on/rely on/count on?


I got a some example- In her new position, Sheila had to draw on her experience from past jobs.

I understand this sentence, but when I search this word, I`ve got some syn.
What`s different?

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    In this case "draw on" is a phrasal verb. It means "to use previously gained knowledge and/or experience." For example I drew on my experience as a teacher to answer this question.

    Literally it would mean to make a picture "don't draw on the walls." However, when it relates to stuff like jobs or previous skills or held positions it means "to use previously gained skills or experience." ("he had to draw on his years as a basketball player to jump and reach the ball stuck on the top shelf").

    OOPS! O_O (I put it in the wrong place)

    Rely - To depend on someone.
    (For Example, a child depends on their parents. Thats an example of Relying on someone)

    As for "Count on" You are placing full trust on someone, because you know they can do something.

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