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What does "Jackpot" mean in the text below?

Here is an extract from The Vampire Diaries;
[Elena goes into Jeremy's room. Jenna is Jeremy and Elana's aunt who looks after the kids after their parents has died. She is searching his room inorder to find some drugs or something because Mr. Tanner ,Jeremy's teacher, has told the aunt Jenna that Jeremy was on drugs.]
JENNA: No, it's me, the hypocrite patrol.
ELENA: What are you doing?
JENNA: I've become my worst nightmare. The authority figure who has to violate a 15-year-old's privacy. Jackpot. I see the hiding places haven't gotten any more creative.
ELENA: What brought this on?
JENNA: Your ass-hat of a history teacher shamed me good yesterday.
ELENA: You got tannered. Been there.
JENNA: "Discover the impossible, Ms. Summers." Got it. Thanks. Like I didn't know I was screwing up.
ELENA: You're not screwing up, Aunt Jenna.
JENNA: Yes, I am. You know why? Because I'm not her. She made everything look so easy. You know, high school, marriage, having you. I can't do it. I'm gonna say or do the wrong thing, and he's gonna get worse, and it's gonna be my fault. It's impossible.
ELENA: This is just the fear talking. You're a little scared, that's all. We all are. I have to go do something. But are you going to be ok?

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I cannot the phrases below:
You got tannered. Been there.

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What does "screw up" mean in the text above?

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    It means she found what she was looking for.

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