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What does "status quo" mean in the text below?

Here is an extract from The Vampires Diaries:
[Elena rings the bell. Stefan answers it.]
STEFAN: Would you like to come in?
ELENA: The comet's actually this way.
[Elena goes out. Stefan follows her.]
ELENA: Sorry for barging in. Especially after earlier.
STEFAN: No, no. I'm glad you're here. The way we left things... I didn't like it. ELENA: See, the thing is, I got home tonight planning on doing what I always do, write in my diary, like I have been since my mom gave me one when I was 10. It's where I get everything out, everything I'm feeling. It all goes in this little book that I hide on the second shelf behind this really hideous ceramic mermaid. But then I realized that I'd just be writing things that I should probably be telling you.
STEFAN: What would you write?
ELENA: I would write. . ."Dear diary, today I convinced myself it was ok to give up. Don't take risks. Stick with the status quo. No drama, now is just not the time. But my reasons aren't reasons, they're excuses. All I'm doing is hiding from the truth, and the truth is that. . ." I'm scared, Stefan. I'm scared that if I let myself be happy for even one moment that. . .the world's just going to come crashing down, and I. . . don't know if I can survive that.
STEFAN: Do you want to know what I would write? "I met a girl. We talked. It was epic. But then the sun came up and reality set in. Well, this is reality.Right here."
[They kiss.]

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    The definition of status quo is the existing state or condition. What does that mean? Well i would say it means to stay with the current situation or to do more of the same. In this instance it would seem that for Elena the Status Quo would be to ignore her feelings for Stefan and protect her feelings by not allowing herself to be romantically involved with him.

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