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How to tell if a book is American version or British version ( quickly ) ?

I bought some British Authors Books and , found some of them were published by US publishing House or have a recommended price in US dollar . the picture is an example
I prefer the original edition ,( unamericanised ,"untranslated" )

Anyone can help , please ?

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Ignore "发件人 BOOKS" please , it's an error.

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Is there any particular words to describe this ? " Americanised " ?

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    The first clue is usually the spelling. For example: traveler (U.S. English) vs. traveller (with two l's) (British English).

    I think it's in its original form. There is no such thing as an American translation/version of a British novel.


    I agree with Azmi - books aren't translated from British to American (or any other way).

    Apart from that, have a look at the spelling of certain words, as Kat suggested. A couple of other clues are o/ou (color [US]/colour [UK]) and z/s (realize [US]/realise [UK]).

    British English and American English are the sane language, and I've never heard of books being "translated" from one to the other. The best way to know which version of English has been used by the author is to have a look at a few pages and try and pick out a few words which have variants, as suggested by Kat and Peachey.

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