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"I will cry" or "I will feel crying" ?

In my today's Hungarian diary, I wrote that " maybe I will cry because of this situation."
My Hungarian husband told me that it is very strange if I cry in such a situation because I am already an adult !

I was just meaning that "I feel crying". I didn't mean that I will cry indeed. It was just my expression.

And now I am wondering how about in English.
Do people say "I will cry because of this situation" even if they don't cry indeed?
Or it is wrong and I should say "I will feel crying" ?

(In Japanese, we can say that.)

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    I think your expression is correct and understandable. Since you used "maybe" you're making it known that there's a chance that you'll either cry or not. Although "I feel like crying" is more of a natural saying/phrase.
    Yes, some people use the phrase "It makes me want to cry." or "I feel like crying (because of something)." in certain situations. You don't actually have to cry. :D

    Example: You hear a sad song and you say,"I feel like crying (because this song is so sad)."

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