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Why was used What or Which?

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    Hello Victor:

    It depends upon the context.

    What refers to the most general of choices.
    Which is usually the choice between either two things, or several things.


    What Time is it? What Day is it? What are you going to do? What should be buy?
    What should we study? What will the test be like? What is that man or that woman like?


    Which of the Foods do you like the best? Which color do you prefer?
    Which Subject do you like the most? Which of us should pay the bill?
    Which coffee is the best? Which boy (or girl ) do you like?
    Which song is the best?

    But sometimes, What and Which can both be used.


    What song is best? Which song is best?
    What color is best? Which Color is best?
    What girl do you like? Which boy do you like?
    Which day is the test on? What day is the test on.

    Don't worry about little things so much. Have you studied a song in English yet?

    ---Warm Regards, Bruce

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