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sentences with the verb zaboraviti


I've added some example sentences to the Wiktionary entry of the verb zaboraviti. It would be very nice if someone could check if the sentences are all right and are translated correctly?

(with accusative) Zaboravio sam novac. - I forgot the money.
(with na + accusative) Zaboravi na to! - Forget it!
(with infinitive) Zaboravio je to spomenuti. - He forgot to mention it.
(with da + subordinate clause) Nemoj da zaboraviš da zatvoriš kapiju! - Don't forget to lock the gate!
(with embedded question) Nemoj zaboraviti s kim pričaš! - Don't forget who you are talking to!

Does zaboraviti combine with other cases, prepositions or clause types? Thank you very much!

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