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Can I use "whose" to refer to inanimate objects?

I wonder whether I can use ''whose'' to refer to inanimate objects. For example:

The society whose economy is thriving has more job opportunities for its citizens.

The universities whose tuition is high are not affordable to everyone.

There are many widely used prescription drugs whose dangers have become evident after many years of use.

I am not sure about my sentences.
If I can use whose for inanimate objects, could you please make several sentences?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hey Sarah!
    Yes, it is correct to use "whose" with inanimate objects. There is really no other word to use anyways :P
    The book whose pages were torn was in bad condition.
    The tree whose leaves were falling seems to be dying.
    The computer whose fan does not work is overheating.

    Alternatively, you could just avoid "whose" altogether by rephrasing the sentence. Like:
    The book with the torn pages is in bad condition.

    I hope this helped!

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