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Who gives examples about "relative clauses" ?

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    Relative clauses help connect two separate ideas which might be expressed in two separate sentences. Here is an example:

    1.That is the school.
    I went to that school as a boy.

    Relative clause: That is the school (that) I went to as a boy.

    2.That's a beautiful car over there!
    I'd like to buy that car.

    Relative clause: I'd like to buy that beautiful car which is over there.

    Use relative clauses to provide extra information. This information can either define something (defining clause), or provide unnecessary, but interesting, added information (non-defining clause).

    Relative clauses can be introduced by:

    a relative pronoun: who (whom), which, that, whose
    OR not relative pronouns:
    where, why and when instead of a relative pronoun

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