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Which one of these sentences is the most used one in Spanish?

Él nos la está contando. (He is telling it to us.)

Or: Él está contándonosla.

Can I only say "Él está contando a nosotros" rather than this long way? It's very confused!

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    Oohh nena! I feel sorry for you, trying to learn a new language is always a herculean task. But you're doing great, keep up the hard work.

    If you think about it, the options are the same, it just changes the order of the words.
    Él (nos) [la] está contando
    Él está contando(nos)[la]

    Each thing corresponds to something that gives meaning to the sentence
    (nos) - to whom is he telling the story? "A nosotros"
    [la] - what is he telling? "la historia"

    So nos and la end up making the sentence shorter, yes, but there's a condition for you to write [la] alone without "historia". The condition is that the story should have been mentioned before so that when you write [la] it is understood that you are making reference to the story. Like writing "There was a story about a flower, he is telling it" instead of repeating the word story, you just write "it". Same case with [la].



    The most frequently used sentence would be "El nos esta contando."

    — Él nos está contando la historia:

    Él nos la está contando / Él está contándonosla.

    Both are common and used.

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