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where can I find this?

Hi I wonder where can I find the lyrics of one of Estrella Morente's song" find me in your dreams(En tu suenos) ? I searched in English but find nothing, maybe better chance search in Spanish? Sorry my Spanish is pathetically poor, somehow I find this song is very beautiful, I want to know the meaning of this song, pls help, gracias.

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    Si me encuentras en tu sueño
    (if you find me in your dream)
    Vera que voy vengo
    (You will see I come and go)
    Y que quiero ser el aire
    (And that I want to be the wind)
    Cual viento que te acaricia
    (like that which caresses you)
    Y no, y no lo ve nadie
    (and no one sees it)
    Soy como el pájaro
    (I'm like the bird)
    Que sale del árbol
    (who comes out from the tree)
    Soy como el pájaro
    Que sale del árbol
    Por su camino que se bifurca
    (By his way that divides in two )
    Por un lado y el torrente de la lluvia
    (By one side the flow of the rain)
    Y al otro lado, la historia de la guerra
    (and the other side, the story fo the war)
    Y en frente y la ventana y balcón de siempre
    (and in front the window and balcony as always)
    Y sobre la tierra, reconocí mi voz
    (And on the ground I recognized my voice)
    Aquel que yo no era
    (that which I wasn't)
    Lo que me creía que era
    (The one I thought I was)
    Aquel quién quiera que fuera
    (that whoever I was)
    Si al vacío yo iba al momento
    (If to the emptyness I was going at the moment)
    Siento de un ...... (not sure what it says)
    Y yo sola sobre dos caminos
    (And me alone on a road)
    En medio de la fuerza sobre el aire
    (In the middle of the strenght of the wind)
    Sobre ..... - can't get this part -
    Despertando otra vez delante de tu sueño
    (waking up again in front of your dream)
    Hacía el vacío, mi propia voz hecho
    (To the emptyness, my own voice .... )
    -Here's a part I can't get either, sorry.... -
    de los caminos que no lo ve nadie
    (Of the ways that no one sees)
    en medio de las dos fuerzas
    (in the middle of the two forces)

    You are right, these lyrics are not on Internet yet.

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