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As a student of English, what do you want from a tutor here?

Hello all!

I am new to the site and love it so far!

I am wondering, for the English language students out there...what qualities do you want in a tutor? What are you seeking and what will make you choose a particular tutor?

Blessings & Good Day & Night :)

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    I suppose English students from other countries have problems (if they aren't beginners) finding a conversation partner who help them with pronounciation and to speak english fluently.

    Also, at least in my particular case, I'm looking for someone to be friends, even if he/she is my teacher, that's important because it allows you to talk with him/her about everything, and I think if you are close to your teacher, you are less shy, and you feel free to speak even if you know your gonna take a mistake, and it will help your teacher to help you improve.

    Welcome to this comunity, and good day!

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