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how i improve my english

i speak and write but not corrrect and also weak in spoken

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    Hello pbchaghtai. How are you?

    It is because you are not learning English in a "natural" way.
    What most people get is a confused array of suggestions, rules, and diverse and inconsistent practices.

    Some students of English have virtually taught themselves, using videos on the Internet. In addition to this, when such a student does work with a teacher or tutor, they develop fluency so much the faster.

    There is a bit of a trick here though. It is not just "any" song in English that will serve well. Some are better than others. I always suggest slow, romantic songs.

    Being slow, you have no problem following the words. Also, the smart thing to do is to print out the words of such songs, which you can find on websites like St. Lyrics and others. Thus, you develop a Multi-Sensory curriculum in which you Hear the English, Speak the English, and better still, if you Write the English by hand, you will find that you rapidly acquire a very good working knowledge of the language.

    I suggest you begin learning some songs in English, and I will suggest some for you if you wish. The people I teach have no difficulty cultivating a good speaking vocabulary which they use with confidence, and moreover, a strong advanced vocabulary which they use in written communication.---Warm Regards, Bruce

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