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why did Oscar Pistorius kill his girlfriend?

Oscar Pistorius

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    Why should any of us know the answer ?
    Only somebody who closely follows the trial could be in the position
    of formulating a possible answer to your question.
    Or a criminologist. Or maybe another killer, but I would prefer asking the criminologist.
    Maybe the poor victim (rest she in peace) knew the answer to your question, and also knew how terribly unfair and selfish on the part of the aggressor that motive was.

    No one really knows for sure, but here's an article about it:

    Yeah, it is still ongoing. We won't know what really happened until maybe all of the evidence is revealed at court.

    In the meantime, just read the articles linked to this question. =)

    Damn! I was hoping that you were going to tell us an Oscar Pistorius joke...

    Please remember that we should add an adverb:

    Why did he ALLEGEDLY kill his girlfriend?

    It is fair to say that he killed his girlfriend ONLY after a court of law has declared him to be guilty.


    "allegedly" = Some people (such as the police) SAY / THINK that he did it. But saying or thinking is not proof.

    I guess only the killer himself can answer you this question. Such things often do not even see the light of truth in front of trials especially if he uses his "right" of not say anything.

    But you know it is interesting. My parents told me that he is a disabled olympics athlete. But even people like him who try to show the other people that they fight in their life even with their disability can be ruthless murders. He cannot move his whole body like a healthy human but still got the strengh and will to kill his girlfriend. This is disgusting!

    No one knows. I think the mysteries of love are inescrutable!

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