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What does "parlor" mean in the text below?

Here is an extract from The Vampire Diaries:
[Stefan sees Damon and Vicki. He jumps on the roof.]
VICKI: No! No!
DAMON: Shh, I'm not gonna drop you.
DAMON (to Stefan): Not bad. Have you been eating bunnies?
STEFAN: Let her go.
DAMON: Shh. really? Ok.
[Damon pulls Vicki to the edge of the roof.] VICKI: No!
  STEFAN: No, no, no!
[Damon throws Vicki to Stefan.]
DAMON: Ugh! Relax.
VICKI: What's happening?
DAMON (to Stefan): I don't need her to be dead, but. . .you might.
Damon (to Vicki): What attacked you the other night?
VICKI: I don't know. An animal.
DAMON: Are you sure about that? Think. Think about it. Think really hard. What attacked you?
VICKI: A vampire.
DAMON: Who did this to you?
VICKI: You did!
DAMON: Wrong!
STEFAN: Don't.
DAMON: It was Stefan.
STEFAN: Don't.
DAMON: Come here.
[Damon grabs Vicki on both sides of her head.]
DAMON: Stefan Salvatore did this to you.
VICKI: Stefan Salvatore did this to me.
DAMON: He's a vampire. A vicious, murderous monster.
STEFAN: Please, Damon. Please don't do this.
DAMON: If you couldn't fix it before, I don't know what you can do now.
[Damon pulls off Vicki's bandage and throws her to Stefan.]
DAMON: Ugh! Your choice of lifestyle has made you weak. A couple of vampire parlor tricks is nothing compared to the power that you could have, that you now need. But you can change that. Human blood gives you that.
DAMON: You have two choices. You can feed and make her forget. Or you can let her run, screaming "vampire" through the town square.
STEFAN: That's what this is about? You want to expose me?
DAMON: No! I want you to remember who you are!
STEFAN: Why? So what, so I'll feed? So I'll kill? So I'll remember what it's like to be brothers again? You know what, let her go. Let her tell everyone that vampires have returned to Mystic Falls. Let them chain me up, and let them drive a stake through my heart, because at least I'll be free of you.

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    Parlor - an old term for living room, a place where conversation and other activities used to take place (before television). A "trick" is a kind of performance, perhaps "magic"or sleight of hand. The phrase "parlor tricks" is thing a person does who engages in some sort of deception. Like a magic trick.

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