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Pls help with correction grammar for this motivation letter))

I grew up in Soviet Union, now is territory of the country of Ukraine following the end of the decline of the Soviet Union and the beginning of the independence struggle. So independece struggle go insided my teenage years and i went throught with this incredible experience where changes, where happening, where everybody wanted independence, we talked of freedom, we talked about Ukraine, and now there are beginning to seem very remore but it all happen so i grew up with the sense that changed what`s possible even the most radical change and went trhougnt life, testing, pushing change whenever i can and even today when i can i try to push untill done even if cannot be done i say let`s test order. I have experience life on three continents Africa, Eurasia and Europe. So all these experience help so it with relatively young age and also had lend to respect different cultures and different environment. Started my work experience at sea with a Belgian dredging company, where I received excellent experience working in a multinational crew. I think I am a right style of candidate for this. Why? I with a great pleasure have been working for 6 years approximately with different area of different people, from my last experience in Cape Town South Africa to got to know many new young and old fellows, different religions, social levels of life, the different personal life with a little or a big dramatic or a positive story.That’s all helped me developed many extremely valuable skills e.g. being able to quickly adapt in all kinds of situations, decision-making, negotiation skills, networking.

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