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Teacher in secondary/high schools in USA, Canada, UK, Australia

How can you become a teacher in secondary/high school in your own countries (Australia, UK, USA, Canada)?

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    Teacher's College.

    To became a mathematics teacher in Secondary School (in Spain, it is from twelve to eighteen years old). I had to work and study hard to get it, because after you get an university degree (in Spain, it takes you at least six years), you must get a master's degree in pedagogy. Once you both degrees, you are able to take a State exam.

    This exam has 4 parts: a written theory exam (you must expound on one lesson completely - selected randomly from 70 possible ones-, in only two hours), a practical written exam (where you have to solve five high-level mathematics problems, in two hours), a educational project (where you must develop a memory about an hypothetical complete course from Secondary School and you have to deliver it on exam day) and a practical oral exam (where you have to explain how you'd organize a lesson - selected randomly from the lessons you have included in your project - and how you'd explain it to the students, in one hour). Only if you pass all of them, will you get into the State Education Employment exchange. To remain on it, you must pass this exam every 2 years.

    Once you are in this Employment exchange, you can be called to work at any moment during the academic course (from 1th of September to 30th of Jun). You can be very lucky and get a vacancy for the rest of the course, or more likely you only get to work for a few months, weeks or even days. When the teaching possition is finishes, you go back again onto the Employment exchange and can be called once again until the course is over. In any case, you have to move away to the city where your new school is. We are always carrying our houses in our backs.

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