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Buy SIM card ,and add to MB charge

When I go to Jakarda , I have to buy the sim card and Cell phone charge Everytime. How to say that in Indonesia ? and in English ? Thanks !

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    The name of the Indonesian capital is spelled Jakarta in English.

    As you probably know, a SIM card is a removable card which contains a memory chip. MB is an acronym for megabyte.

    If you mean you have to buy a SIM card and pay a megabyte charge each time you go to Jakarta, you could say, "When I go to Jakarta, I have to buy a SIM card and pay a megabyte charge."


    a SIM Card in Indonesia is widely known as a "SIM Card" as well, or a "Number". So you can just use the term "SIM Card" to provider seller.
    (Since its an acronym, remember to say SIM, pronounced like "Seem", do not spell it S-I-M.).

    Cell Phone charge in Indonesia is called "Pulsa". This is a credit balance for you SIM Card, and the quantity is calculated in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

    To buy a SIM Card:
    in English: "I want to buy a new number for my cellphone" or "I want to but a SIM Card"
    In Indonesian: "Saya mau membeli nomer baru untuk telepon genggam saya" or "Saya mau membeli SIM Card"

    To buy a Cell Phone Credit Balance:
    in English: "I want to refill my Cell Phone's Credit Balance" (but I'm not sure for this one)
    in Indonesian: "Saya mau isi Pulsa" or simply say "Saya mau beli pulsa"

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