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Difference between att bråka/att gräla


Hi everybody,

Can somebody tell me if there is any difference between the verbs "att gräla" and "att bråka"? I have never seen any real difference, looks like they are used the same way. But I believe there should be some difference. What is it then?

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    There is a big difference.
    "att gräla" means to argue in a naughty and intensive way.
    "att bråka" means to misbehave, to be naughty in a active way.

    Some people confuse it by taming their children using imperatives "slutta bråka!" and "slutta gräla!" addressing the same behavior.

    They are synonyms when it comes to having a heated argument (quarrel). But when it comes to physically fighting or being noisy and making a mess, it's "bråka".

    If two kids are arguing or insulting each other you can say "sluta gräla" or "sluta bråka". But if they start to get physical, you say "sluta bråka" or "sluta slåss".

    "Bråka" is like "fight" in English. It can be used for both verbal and physical fights.

    Gräla - Is like argue with a person in a angry way. Saying bad words and just being mad at each other.
    Bråka - Could be fighting, but ett gräl is more like you do it, walk away, then later on slove the problem. Bråka could be at a longer time. If you are angry at someone and so on.

    Hope I could help :)

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