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Lunar January fifteen is Chinese Lantern Festival, street and park lanterns were hung everywhere. Night, red lanterns and snow add radiance and beauty to each other, the beautiful clear. The Lantern Festival, also see light day. The colorful lights, accompanied by the Chinese year of joy, lit up everyone smile.

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    On the fifteenth day of the lunar new year, it is the Yuanxiao Festival. Everywhere, all the lanterns can be seen hung on the streets and in the parks. At night, the radiant glow of the red lanterns was reflected on the snow-covered pavilions, it was beautiful. The Lantern Festival was so bright that it seemed that it was still daylight. The colorful lights, accompanied by the joy of the Chinese New Year, lit up everyone with smiles.

    Used your source and google translate, and brush things up a bit.

    So are you going to celebrate this festival on the 24th Feb or the 15th day of the lunar new year? =) I think my country celebrates this, I can still see so many red lanterns everywhere. It does look beautiful at night.

    Jan 15th is festival of lanterns in China. On that day, lanterns are hung in every street and park. Especially the night of the day, lights of the red lanterns make snow shine, so the view is extraordinary beautiful. The festival of lanterns is also the day for watching lanterns. Colorful lanterns come with China spring festival light up everyone’s smiles.

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