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pronunciation of definitely

does t need to pronounce in definitely?
can pronunciation of t ignore in the word?

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thank you very much.
i check from dictionary.
ignore pronunciation of t in American
i can hear it in English.

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    I think some accents soften it (British, and Brooklyn). I will tell you how I pronounce it as a English speaking (non-Maritime) Canadian.

    Def like in definition

    In like IN

    so so far it's like the verb deafen, "to deafen"

    and then the word NET like a fishing net

    So it's DeF in NET lee

    and Lee is like Bruce Lee.

    I guess you could ignore the T.

    I say winner sometimes instead of Winter.

    ah man, this winer is so cold.

    Toronto is a great example. A lot of people who live here don't pronounce the T at the end, so it sounds like Torono. And then there are people here who pronounce it as Toronto.

    Yes, you could do it, in that it's not physically impossible to articulate the mouth that way. (Saying a voiced P, as anything but an bilabial stop/plosive IS physically impossible). Pronouncing the word tricycle as bicycle is incorrect. Tri does not make a "b" sound.

    That said, the "CORRECT" way, would be to pronounce the T.


    As a learner you need to learn the pronunciation properly and avoid shortcuts or uncommon dialects. Pronounce the T.


    Google that shit.
    If you say it like that you'll sound like an english professor at Oxford.
    Listen and Repeat. Listen and Repeat.

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