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What is an Elevator Speech?

“We already have to wait on a CBC* and/or CMP,† so getting the results more quickly adds no value.”

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    An elevator speech is a term we use to describe a type of business speech. You have different types of speeches, the same way you have different types of dances (a waltz, a ballroom, a ballet, a tango....etc) all based on the composition, the length, and the intended purpose of such a speech. An elevator speech is named as such, because of where one delivers it. You give someone an elevator speech in an elevator, while you are both waiting to arrive at your respective floors. So it's generally a 30 second short introduction about yourself, your company, etc. If you are in a company and you don't get to talk to the boss regularly, you can make him/her aware of your contributions in an elevator pitch, so he/she knows about you, when he/she needs someone from that department for a presentation or something. Or if you are at a convention (where a bunch of businesses meet for a weekend), it can be extremely useful to sell your product or service to potential investors or business people. It's a quick 30 second introduction. Watch the link below for a more visual explanation:

    I am sorry, but I do not understand the second part where you talk about the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Company?)

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