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is it okay to put the "to sb ..." at the latter part of my sentence?

In any case, Party B is not allowed to undertake any business activity during the returning period, or Party B shall pay the daily occupancy expenses, which amounts to double monthly rent when the contract exterminates, to Party A from the initial day it undertakes the business activity.

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    The "to Party A" should come earlier in the sentence. See my suggested corrections below.

    The phrase "returning party" is not easily understandable. Perhaps you mean the time for the premises to be returned to the landlord after the termination of the lease?

    I am not sure about what you mean by "occupancy expenses." If the money is being paid in order to stay on the premises after the termination of the lease, that money should be called "rent."

    If I understand you correctly, the daily "rent" will be an amount which over a month's time will be equal to to double the monthly rent that was being paid at the time the lease terminated.

    If any of my assumptions are wrong, I apologize.

    Here's suggested language:

    In any event, Party B shall not have the right to undertake any business activity after the termination of the lease unless Party B pays to Party A, beginning the first day of undertaking business activities, per diem rent at a rate equivalent to one-thirtieth (1/30) of double the monthly rent existing at the time of the termination of the lease.

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