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In arabic, some verbs in future tense begin in 'ha', is there a similar rule for past tense?

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    In Arabic, verbs are classified into 3 types: Past, Continues, Command verbs. for Past verbs there is no rule for a beginning letter.
    The "ha" you mentioned, I think it's used in Egyptian dialect as to indicate that the verb will take place in the future.
    In formal Arabic, "s" (which is "س" (s) or "سوف" (sawfa)) is used to indicate the future action before the verb...
    dear Nicolas
    it is not similar in past tense ..and i think wassem answered your question perfectly because "ha" is used among Egyptians but in formal Arabic it is (sawfa) or just S
    and to make it easier for you to understand u can treat the word sawfa as the auxiliary verb "will" in english
    here is an example

    i will meet nicolas sawfa okabel nicolas سوف أقابل نيكولاس
    i met nicolas kabalt nicolas قابلت نيكولاس

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