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What's the meaning of this sentence?


Mrs. LaDonna Murphy hugged me tightly when I met her. She was small and frail-looking in a weathered sort of way, but younger than my mother. She smiled broadly when she looked at me, still wrapping her arms around my waist, looking up and showing me teeth slightly browned by smoke. Her hair was a faded blond worn in a bun, and she had on jeans and a blue button-up work shirt.
“Five more minutes, men,” one of the NCOs called.
She released me from her embrace and said excitedly, “I’m just so proud of you guys. Daniel’s told me so much about you. I feel like I know you already.”
“Yes, ma’am. Me too.”
“So y’all are getting to be good friends?”
I looked over at Murph and he gave me an apologetic shrug. “Yes, ma’am,” I said. “We room together and everything.”
“Well, I want you to know if y’all need anything, I’m gonna take care of you. Y’all will get more care packages than anyone.”
“That’s really kind of you, Mrs. Murphy.”
Sterling called Murph to help another private sweep up red, white and blue confetti from around the three-point line of the court.
“And you’re gonna look out for him right, right?” she asked.
“Um, yes, ma’am.”
“And Daniel, he’s doing a good job?”
“Yes, ma’am, very good.” How the hell should I know, lady? I wanted to say. I barely knew the guy. Stop. Stop asking me questions. I don’t want to be accountable. I don’t know anything about this.
“John, promise me that you’ll take care of him.”
“Of course.” Sure, sure, I thought. Now you reassure me and I’ll go back and go to bed.
“Nothing’s gonna happen to him, right? Promise that you’ll bring him home to me.”
“I promise,” I said. “I promise I’ll bring him home to you.”
What's the meaning of " Now you reassure me and I’ll go back and go to bed."? What do "you" and "me" refer to respectively in this sentence? I don't think "you" refer to Murf's mother.

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    Now you [ John] reassure [ tell me that everything will be ok] me [ Mrs Murphy] and I’ll [ Mrs Murphy] go back and go to bed."

    I guess, 'you' is either 'them' or the protagonist, and 'me' is Mrs. LaDonna Murphy.

    " Now you reassure me and I’ll go back and go to bed." - they have removed her worries/doubts/fears/etc, she'll return to her home and go to bed.

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