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ARE THEY SAME(would preferwould hatewould likewould love=LOVE HATE..WITH OUT (WOULD)

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    I think what you are asking is whether "I would like to go to the zoo" means the same thing as "I like to go to the zoo." (and similarly for 'hate', 'prefer', and 'love').

    If that is what you are asking: they are similar, but not the same.

    When you use 'would,' you are talking about something that might happen in the future. Without 'would,' you are making a more general statement about your feelings, whether in the past, present or future.

    "I would hate to go to the zoo" = "If we go to the zoo, I will not like it."
    "I hate to go to the zoo" = "Every time I go to the zoo, I hate it."


    WOULD LIKE is a polite form of WANT: I would like a cup of tea = I want a cup of tea.

    The same is with WOULD LOVE (just more emphatic than would like).

    WOULD PREFER is more polite than PREFER. Both are used when you talk about choices:
    I would prefer a cup of tea (rather than a cup of coffee).

    WOULD HATE means that you don't like to do something, but it might be necessary in the future.
    I would hate to walk to school in the weather like this (but I might).

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