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what's the difference

Freak out
pissed off

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    "Angry" is: Having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, or displeasure. (Mad) ex: Ellie got angry when she saw her best friend kiss the boy she loved.

    *" Irritated" is: Making (someone) annoyed, impatient, or angry. ex: Tom always irritated the teacher with his unnecessary, and idiotic, questions.

    "Freak out" is: lose one's nerve; ex: When he saw the accident, he freaked out. ex2: I freaked out when I saw my favorite band in concert. ex3: The girl freaked out when she saw the table move by itself in the movie.

    "Annoyed" is: tio irritate (someone); make (someone) a little angry. ex: The rock music was so loud it annoyed the 80 year old neighboors.

    "Pissed off" is: Like annoyed. Aroused impatience or anger. To become angry. ex: A lot of people were pissed off that the concert was canceled on such short notice.

    I hope this has somewhat helped you see the difference in the words. :)


    To add to the examples and clarify further...

    Angry and pissed off are both adjectives (strong negative feelings) and have a high intensity level.

    Irritated and annoyed are either adjectives (milder negative feelings more like something is bothersome rather than a big deal) or past tense verbs speaking about something or someone that brought this feeling about.

    Freak out is phrasal verb only and suggests that not only was a person very angry but they openly expressed it in a very strong way.
    Cheers ^^

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