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Can somebody tell me how to increase my English vocabulary please?

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    The best ways to increase your vocabulary are through real life application rather than memorizing dictionaries.
    -- READ! Start simple with books at or just above your level. Seeing words in context is important.
    -- Write out example sentences that you would likely need to say which include words you want to learn or have studied.
    -- In a similar way, write out a dialogue, a song, or a little story that uses the words.
    -- If you are in a place alone, or where your roommates won't mind, label things in your environment by actually taping pieces of paper to furniture, etc.
    -- Keep a little notebook with you so when you hear or read a word you want to know better, you can write it down to explore it further later.
    -- Ask people when they say a word you don't understand or ask for clarification on spelling.
    -- Look up synonyms and antonyms or words, not just the meaning...the more connections, the better you'll remember.
    -- Use your English with others because in the interaction you can recognize what words or type of words you need to know more.

    Hope some of these help. ^^


    Read, read, read. Watch a lot of TV and listen to talk radio. Look up every word you don't understand in a dictionary.

    A person typically acquires a new word or expression after the third time they have heard or read it in a relevant context.


    One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary is to read more. Reading is directly linked with a larger vocabulary, especially if you seek out books in unfamiliar genres or about unfamiliar topics. Nonfiction in a wide variety of fields can teach you new words and general knowledge, but reading fiction is also highly beneficial. As you read, make a note of unfamiliar words, look them up, and write down the definition.

    Play word games is a fun way to learn new words as they will encourage your brain to play with words and letters, as well as learning new ones. If you play with an open dictionary, you can encourage people to try out words they might otherwise be afraid of using. Most word games are interactive, so you enjoy company while you expand your vocabulary.

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