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how can I speak fluent English ?

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    I think that the only way to speak English fluently is the same way in which you speak any language fluently: SPEAK IT.

    You have probably heard of that saying "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT." In other words, if you want to become perfect in something, you need to keep practicing it.

    So just speak English as often as you can. Do not worry about "mistakes." In time, your mistakes will become fewer.

    Of course, listen to as much English as you can.

    What helped me to become more fluent is learning more standard phrases and word combinations.


    Learning real language is important, not just textbook language, which is why it is so necessary to use it. Learn about blending of words and sounds, how intonation affects the meaning of what you say and other nonverbal aspects of communicating.

    If you are in an English environment, you have access to it everywhere...listen to conversations on the bus and in the mall, talk to the people who serve you at restaurants or store clerks, join a hobby club to interact with others.

    If you're not in an English environment, you can still make sure it is in your life daily; have English music playing while you clean your room or eat your meals, have an exchange partner like available on this site, find a conversation partner in your town (doesn't have to be a native speaker) hang out in places where there are expats or businesses owned by English -speaking people.

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