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Help me translate this phrase into Korean~

"I am afraid that you forgot my face."

Please explain each part, I'm having a very hard time understand the sentence structure and grammar.

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    1) I am afraid that.. ☞ ..이 걱정돼 or ..ㄹ까 봐 걱정돼

    2) you ☞ 너, 네가 as a subject with the subject marker '가'

    3) to forget ☞ ..을 잊어버리다
    forgot ☞ 잊어버렸다 with the suffix "였" which indicates the past tense.
    4) forgot my face ☞ 내 얼굴을 잊어버렸다.
    5) you forgot my face ☞ 네가 내 얼굴을 잊어버렸다.

    6) 1) + 5) = 네가 내 얼굴을 잊어버렸다 + ㄹ까 봐 걱정돼.
    ☞ 네가 내 얼굴을 잊어버렸을까 봐 걱정돼.


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