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что значит-

Hazoor? Banjae? Dasta? Kijiyen? Jukhi ?Jukjae? Bahar ? Kilgai? / Chand Se Parda Kijiye ? , Kahi Chura Na Le Chehre Ka Nur ?

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    Hazoor? Mister/sir

    Ban jae? Verb 'Ban jana' - to get formed, to form, to become

    Dastaa? -squad
    Daastaan - story

    Kijiye? - politely asking someone to 'do'

    Jhuki ? - inclined (at an angle from horizontal or verticle) eg. jhuki nazar means gaze is not direct, it is downwards with respect to a viewer.

    Jhuk jae? - root verb 'jhuk jaana' - to get inclined

    Baahar ? - outside
    bahaar - spring

    Khil gai? got blossomed(feminine verb)

    Chand Se Parda Kijiye ?- parda in this sense is 'viel', so i guess it means dont show up in front of moon.

    Kahin Chura Na Le Chehre Ka Nur ? - shouldn't ever (xyz) steal light of ur face.

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