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does"They regarded the chauffeur with affection" mean "they like him?"

【To Greer the big blue convertible was like 26000, a flagship, and he liked to make the arrival of the captain on board an occasion for ceremony. On the right front fender he unhooded the small American flag. Kellerman held the door for the President, and Greer removed the cover from the blue Presidential flag on the left with a flourish. He always made a ceremony out of it, and it always irritated the younger agents. In their judgment this was a time to be especially vigilant. The driver should be behind the wheel when the President slid in, ready to take off in case of trouble. Somebody else could unfurl the tiny flags. They regarded the chauffeur with affection, but felt that he was too fussy. 】

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    Yes, they like him, but they might like him more if he was more serious about the job. 'Fussy' can mean that a person cares too much for small details -- in this case, the decorative flag is far less important than the job of guarding the president.

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