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jail obj,Br dated ga.ol ——this is from Cambridge International Dictionary,and what dose it mean?

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jail obj then how to understand this ?

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    Here in the United States, we always spell it as "jail."

    In some other varieties of English, people may spell it as "gaol" ( but pronounce it as "jail").

    For example: "tire" in the United States; "tyre" in some other varieties of English.

    P.S. Do not confuse "gaol" with "goal"!


    My first thought is that "obj" stands for "object". A jail (gaol) is a thing.


    Gaol is an archaic word for jail. It's an old spelling, but is pronounced the same as jail. You will see it in some old towns and cities. I have only seen it once and that was in the town of Goderich, Ontario Canada at the Huron Historic Gaol. I assume Obj means Object, because a jail is a thing. As opposed to the verb "to jail." However, your dictionary should have a section where they explain what their abbreviations mean. Find that, and you will find the answer.

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