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Ekşi Sözlük

How reliable is Ekşi Sözlük? For example, I'm sure it's a fun site (I can't really understand it) but Urban DIctionary likes to f*ck with its readers.
eg. Table
A place to have sex.

You know what I mean... should I bother using Ekşi Sözlük? :)

For learning: Turkish
Base language: English
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    Stay away from eksisozluk if you plan to use it for learning an explanation. Dont get me wrong. I like eksisozluk and I use it in daily basis however i do so, in order to read some funny comments on daily events.
    It s a funny website with funny explanations.
    I recommend, as a helpful dictionary.

    I am not very familiar with Urban Dictionary but i guess Ekşi Sözlük's format is very similar to that. But it is not always about having fun, sometimes you can find a very valuable and detailed information on a very spesific topic on ekşi sözlük. I beleive that ekşi sözlük would be very useful on learning turkish.

    By the way I am here to develop my english, please let me know if I did any gramatical mistake :)

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