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Sicily could once again in its history take charge of providing a territory favourable to exchanges, beyond the merely economic meaning of the word, in order to contribute to interaction and to strengthen ties that entrepreneurial activities themselves can create. We furthermore remind that the richness produced in Italy by immigrant workers contributes to the development of the countries of origin. Last year, over 187 million euros were sent abroad, representing 2.9% of overall money sent from Italy.
According to Movimpresa, as at June 30th there were over 13.400 non-EU small entrepreneurs running individual enterprises registered in the Books of the Chamber of commerce of the island, that is to say 4.29% of regional overall.
The quarterly survey by Infocamere reveals that immigrant-run enterprises in Sicily register a 0.19% increase compared to the previous quarter. The most representative Sicilian province for immigrant-run enterprises is Palermo, with 3.460 non-EU entrepreneurs on 60.885 overall entrepreneurs. Then follow Messina with a 5.26% incidence (2.058 non-EU enterprises on 39.139) and Ragusa with 4.86% (1.104 enterprises on 22.735).
Catania ranks second after Palermo for number of enterprises: 2.477 non-EU enterprises and a 3.67% incidence (67.443 overall individual enterprises).
The most receptive sector to foreign entrepreneurs is trading, as they can provide goods at a competitive price in a sector that, in Italy is today characterised by a low value added.
The remaining portion is distributed among agriculture, building activities and service industry.

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