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Author - how to use the word?

Can I use the word AUTHOR when informing about creators of different pictures, maps, copper engravings, portrays, veduats etc. For example: Villagers in Folk costumes, author unknown; or he is an author of many engravings, maps and paintings. The persned concrned in not always just a painter. thank you

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    Hello. You CAN use author to mean the person who originated the item in question. It is usually better, however, to use a word that relates to the item. For example - the author of a piece of music is a composer. The author of a painting is a painter, or another piece of artwork - an artist.
    I think the best word for engravings and paintings is artist.
    For a map I'm not certain. Technically it would be a cartographer, but you may not always use that word unless it is in a technical context.
    Author is usually used for a piece of writing, whether it's a novel, a poem, or even a newspaper article, although you could also say novelist, poet and reporter respectively.
    I hope that helps

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