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business card in Chinese??

it that correct in Chinese? I wrote in brackets the English meaning does it correspond in Chinese? thanks a lot!

名片 (business card)
保罗 阿扎罗 (Paolo Azzaro)
行政总裁 (Chief Executive Officer)
审计与风险管理 ( audit and risk management)
注册办事处 (registered office) :
电话号码 (Telephone number):
手机号码 (mobile number):
传真号 (fax number):
电子邮件 (e-mail)
网站 (website)

法比奥 马斯特罗贝拉尔迪诺 (Fabio Mastroberardino)
市场部经理 (marketing manager)

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    行政总裁 (Chief Executive Officer)近年来也普遍被称为“首席执行官”。
    注册办事处 (registered office)也有可能被称为“登记处”“注册处”

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