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Are maize and corn synonims?

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    In the US, Canada and Australia, yes. "Corn" is used to describe a single cereal grain which is known as "maize" or "Indian corn" in the rest of the world.

    In other English speaking countries, "corn" refers to the principal cereal grain crop of the region. It is used as Americans use the word "grain". "Corn" in those countries could be oats, barley or wheat. (If you've ever heard of "corned beef", this is where the name came from. The meat was preserved by rubbing it with granules of salt that were the size of grains of wheat.)

    So, "corn" is "maize" and nothing else in those three countries. Elsewhere, "corn" is whatever cereal crop is being grown in abundance.

    Maize is another name for corn. It is a cereal grain. Maize is known as corn in countries such as the United States, the English-speaking provinces of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Corn is known for being a high-yielding variety of cereal grains

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