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how to read "1°C"?

how do you read "1°C"?

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in Chinese

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    Do you mean how to pronounce it?
    I would say "one degree" - since I live in a country where we exclusively use C.
    If I was being more explicit (e.g. to an American) I would say "one degree C" or "one degree Celsius"

    yi1 she4 shi4 du4
    or you can just simply say 一度

    一 摄[shè] 氏[shì] 度[dù] or 一度 in Mandarin。
    Chinese character "一" changes its tone under different situations.
    If it is a falling tone after yi,yi changes into a rising tone,sounds like "yí".
    So we say yí shèshìdù, or yí dù in Mandarin.

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