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    瞧=guardare o look quando si usa sola. ma quando esprimi guarda tv, guarda qualcuno, si usa 看

    瞧是“看”的意思,eg: 1.我瞧不起你=我看不起你。2. 瞧病=看病 3.瞧,那边风景很美=看,那边风景很美


    瞧---1) guardare, vedere 比较口语化,中国北方男人多用看
    让我瞧一眼-----fammi/ dammi un'occhiata
    2) disprezzare, sdegnare
    我瞧不起你。--------- Io ti disprezzo.

    “瞧” is a colloquial word, mostly uesd in northen colloquialism of China,it has the same meanning and usage as the word "看“. It has some idiomatic usages like "瞧你”,“你瞧瞧”,”瞧一瞧“, “瞧不起人” 。

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