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Put the verbs in brackets into an appropriate tense of the passive.

In 1963, when aluminium was first used for disposable beverage cans, one billion were produced in the USA - about five per person. By 1985, up to 66 billion cans .......... (sell) annually. Huge amounts of energy are required for aluminium production. Added to this, most aluminium comes from bauxite deposits in the tropics; huge areas of rain forest .......... (destroy) not only to make room for open bauxite mining but also for hydroelectric dams and reservoirs to power the mining operations.

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My answers:
1- had been sold
2- are destroyed
But answer keys of my book say:
1- were (being) sold
2- have been / are being destroyed
I don't understand why.

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    As I seem to keep saying - native speakers aren't good people to answer grammatical questions - as they typically don't learn any... but - I think that...
    For (1) the key word is annually. This means that you need to use a present tense, rather than a past tense.
    For (2) you do need the past tense, because those areas have already been destroyed.

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