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어떻게 해야 먹일 수 있을까


This is from a Korean TV show... 서현 (from SNSD) is making some food and says:

어떻게 해야 먹일 수 있을까?
Which I think means "What can I do so that they will eat it?"

It has three different expressions I am learning, but the combination confuses me.

해야 = "have to do", but isn't it usually followed by 해요 or 돼요?

먹일 수 있(다) = "can eat" or "can feed" - is the verb 먹다 or 먹이다?

-ㄹ 까(요) = a future tense, right, but adds "I wonder" to the meaning.

So, I get this somewhat literal translation:

I wonder what I need to do so they can eat/feed on it?

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    1. "먹이다" ☞ "먹게 하다" ☞ "to make someone eat"
    The suffix, -이- is used to make a verb into a causative verb.
    "먹+이+다" is the causative verb of "먹다"
    (Here are other suffixes, 이-히-리-기-우-구-추)

    2. -ㄹ 수 있다 ☞ can
    3. As for "-ㄹ까요?", you're right.^^'
    4. Literally it would be "I wonder what I should do so that we/I make someone eat"


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