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Space or no space?

People say there is no space between words in Thai. I have found a pdf that provides a boost start for the novice at vocabulary. Here is that:

I noticed there are spaces between words. So in Thai language...... do we use spaces between words or not?

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    to make you undoubt on this.
    1) your pdf there are spaces >>>>> because to help the newlearner indicate words in lines.

    2) in general, Thai words in lines,sentences are not separate at all except:
    when you talking about some specific groups:
    i went to market and i bought,banana, pineable, fruits, vegetable.

    in Thai, it will be writen like this:
    iwenttomarketandibought: banana pineable fruits vegetable.

    yes, in this case we make the spaces:

    goodluck and have fun in learning Thai.

    In usual thai writing,there are not any space between words. But we put a space between messages.

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