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How do you say this in Mandarin?

"Hello, my name is Stefan. I am from Canada and I am going to Taiwan."

Pinyin and traditional or simplified characters appreciated!

Information: I'm going on an exchange this year, and I will be going to an orientation very soon where I will have to say the above lines in Mandarin.

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    dà jiā hǎo , wǒ shì Stefan 。 wǒ lái zì jiā ná dà , wǒ zhǔn bèi qù tái wān 。
    大 家 好 , 我 是 Stefan 。 我 来 自 加 拿 大 , 我 准 备 去 台 湾 。(simplified)

    大家好, 我是Stefan。 我來自加拿大, 我準備去臺灣。 (tradictional)

    大家好 means "Hello everybody!"

    As far as I know, people in taiwan don't use the same pinyin to type words or mark phonetic symbols as people in the mainland. If you are going on an exchange in Taiwan, you may have to study another type of pinyin. Here is the difference between mainland pinyin and taiwan pinyin.

    你好, 我的 名字 叫 斯特凡。 我 是 加拿大人,我 要 去 台湾。
    Nǐ-hǎo, wǒ-de míng-zi jiào Sī-tè-fán. Wǒ shì Jiā-ná-dà-rén,wǒ yào qù Tái-wān.
    for Taiwain you will have them written as
    你好, 我的 名字 叫 斯特凡。 我 是 加拿大人,我 要 去 臺灣。

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