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What is this?... 萝莉塔

I've seen this word in a song... and well..I have known it references a type of girl picture... but not sure where this has came from and what it really is... 萝莉塔
The sentence is from a song called 思密达 by this girl called 王麟... 也不会假装可怜小萝莉塔. also...can anyone give me the translation for this sentence as well?.. Thanks......

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    Originally,Lolita is the nickname of the protagonist of the famous novel [ LOLITA ] written by the Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. The Chinese word 洛丽塔 is a transliteration of the name LOLITA. The word 洛丽塔 or 萝莉 became popular and widely used in China because of the influence of the Japanese ACG culture, the term ロリータ( Lolita 洛丽塔), or ロリ(Loli 萝莉-- the abbreviation of Lolita) can refer to girls who is underage and cute or girls looks like so (despite their real age)。
    The word 洛丽塔 (lolita) or 萝莉 loli is always connect to the concept " lilicon "---a Japanese portmanteau of the phrase "lolita complex" ,the term describes an attraction to underage girls or an individual with such a attraction.


    In my view, we use Lolita or Loli(萝莉) to describe girls who are really cute, beautiful. They might look like or are very young cute girl.

    萝莉loli is call a girl who is veryvery lovely and cute !!! they often age 8~!4

    Well, I've read a book whose name is 《Lolita》, it tells a story about a middle-aged man fall in love with a 12-year-old girl. And then, this word "Lolita" was widely used in Janpan to describe girls who are very cute in childhood.
    也不会假装可怜小萝莉塔--won't pretend to be a cute girl who behave sweetly...
    You could try to look up on "Baidu" and type in "lolita"

    萝莉塔 Lolita
    the hero of the American novel ‘Lolita’。

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