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違い言葉!Different Words!

What is the difference between this words?
算数 ・ 数理
お寺 ・ 寺
お茶 ・ 茶
お風呂 ・ トイレ ・ お風呂場
What is the difference if I put an お at the begining of the word?

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    算数 is the general term for calculating numbers (plus, minus, times, divide). Also, "math" as a subject in elementary school is called 算数, too.

    数理 is theories or principles about numbers.

    お寺 ・ 寺
    お茶 ・ 茶
    お at the beginning of a word makes it polite.

    お風呂 ・ トイレ
    お風呂 is a bath or bathing.
    トイレ is restroom (no bath, no shower).

    お風呂場 is the room for bathing. A common Japanese お風呂場 has a soaking bathtub, separate shower, and a changing room.

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