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the word "inoltre" in English

I always have problems using this words "besides", "moreover", "furthermore" , "beside" ,"further", "likewise" "then" "hence" "so" "thus" because in Italian are always translated "inoltre".

Could you tell me the difference and give my one example?

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    "besides" can have different meaning as "inoltre" besides as in inoltre, in piu' oltretutto for example "It's a nice day for a walk, and besides, I need the exercise"
    Also besides can be used in this way "I'm not in the mood for tea, and BESIDES, it's hot outside" e inoltre, c'e' caldo fuori
    I don't like peanut butter, BESIDES which, I'm allergic to nuts e inoltre sono allergico alle noci
    "moreover" example "He didn't have his shoes on: moreover, he didn't have a shirt on" moreover in this case means inoltre,oltretutto

    "furthermore" example "Furthermore, it is legal to do this" in this case furthermore means inoltre, per di piu', oltretutto

    "beside" means di fianco or vicino example " I keep a glass of water beside my bed"

    "further" example "And, further, this isn't his first offence" e, inotlre, questo non e' il suo primo reato

    "likewise" example "Likewise, Adele achieved a small amount of success in the early '90s Inoltre, Adele.....

    "then" example: I lost my handbag and then the keys.. "ho perso la borsa e inoltre le chiavi

    "hence" You are going to be late, hence, run! in this case here it means percio', quindi

    "so" example "So then we went to the grocery store" here so means more "e cosi"...

    "thus" example "Thus, everyone decided to move on" here "thus" means percio or cosi'

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