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what's the difference between 懂and 明白?

could you please answer with examples)

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    Same as understand and "clear on"

    The meaning is almost the same. The only one difference is that sometime we will always use one of the word instead of the other since every body do this too (約定成俗)

    你懂了嗎 = 你明白了嗎
    我終於懂了這個方程式 = 我終於明白了這個方程式
    你懂他嗎 != 你明白他嗎 ( 意思一樣,但通常我們不會這樣用,蠻怪的 )

    The two words has similar meaning, and can be used. But in some cases one word is favoured more than the other. It's almost the same as:
    "Do you COMPREHEND this?" (你懂吗?)compared to "Do you UNDERSTAND this?" (你明白吗?)

    PoLo's example, 你明白他吗 is more correct, as it is: "Do you understand him?" which sounds better to 你懂他吗? "Do you comprehend him?"

    明白:1 【形容词】内容清楚,清晰,摆在表面。2【动词】 认为“明白【1】”。
    比如“我懂你” 人心微妙,是不容易描述的,但是却能被特定的人理解。

    “老师说得已经很明白了” 这就不能用“懂”了。

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