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Tenses/Moods In Spanish

In your opinion, which Tenses or Moods are the most important In Spanish (Castilian) ?

I am confident to some extent in a few of the basic tenses. But wondered which I would be wise to invest most of my time in. (or perhaps, those which are not worth learning at all)

I have also been told that the Subjunctive is very important, Is this true?

Muchas Gracias!

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    I would say that all the tenses are equally important, obviously the present tense is the easiest and the first one to start with. The subjunctive is very important but also are all the other tenses. You need to learn them all if you want to communicate correctly.

    I think so that we have some important verbs. You don't have any other way that to learn this: ir, haber, ser o estar.
    I have the same opinión that Plsdeluno, but I can add progresive present.
    And it depend of you, wich are your necesity for learning spanish?

    Greetings : )

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