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Do hablar and charlar mean same thing?

There is a sentence in my textbook as "La sobremesa es otra actividad social en la que los comensales charlan o hablan sobre diversos temas." Would "hablan" here be redundant, since we have a "charlan" to convey the concept of "chatting"?
Or these two words have different meanings in Spanish?
Or Spanish speakers like to say things this way?

Hahaha, I even do not know if this question makes sense to y'all.
Anyway thanks for your time and help ;>

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    They mean the same, the difference (if any) between them would be that "charlar" is to talk in a more informal way, it would be like a more casual talk. Hablar would be just like general talk but not necesssarily informal but something more structured. "Sobremesa" refers to the talk after you have had your meals but you stay at the table, that would be an informal casual talk so the verb "charlar" surely is appropiate. Maybe they expressed it as "charlan o hablan" so that the people can understand what "charlar" means.

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